How to Download, Remove and Fix 5040500.exe Windows Error Message

Troubled with 5040500.exe file error?

Is your computer loaded with the following 5040500.exe error messages:

  • The 5040500.exe cannot be opened.
  • The 5040500.exe Windows runtime error.
  • The 5040500.exe at "0x059a3kf" referenced memory could not be written.
  • This application has failed to start to run on Windows because 5040500.exe cannot be found.
  • The module 5040500.exe was loaded but the call to dllregisterserver failed with error code 080004005.

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What will cause 5040500.exe file error?

  • 5040500.exe file is missing as it has been deleted accidentally from your computer
  • 5040500.exe file is damaged by virus and your computer is unable to access to the file.
  • 5040500.exe related registry files is corrupt and obsolete.
  • The program related to 5040500.exe was uninstalled improperly.
  • 5040500.exe was overwritten by an older or corrupt version.
  • Spyware/malware disguised itself as 5040500.exe, and the original file was deleted by malicious spyware.

Possible consequences after getting 5040500.exe file error

If Windows system continually getting 5040500.exe error message, and you keep ignoring this error, it could have serious impact on the nearly every aspect of your PC, such as:

  • Your Windows startup time become very slow.
  • Windows system is unable to run certain applications.
  • System performance is slowed down dramatically.
  • You are unable to install certain applications in your computer.
  • System got crash occasionally.
  • Your computer are continually getting blue screen of death.

5040500.exe error and how-to fix analysis

To fix 5040500.exe error and associated error messages, you have to analyze the nature and causes how the problems origins. You can replace the missing 5040500.exe file from another operating system and re-start the program or reboost your computer. In most cases, you still need to register the file to Windows Registry, which stores all the information of Windows configurations, settings and third party program information. Re-installing the program and reboosting your computer may resolve the error and fix the associated Windows Registry issues. However, you could further damage your computer in case you're not familar with Windows Registry and failed to edit the associated Registry entries correctly.

  • Step1: Free download 5040500.exe error fix tool, and then install it in your computer.
  • Step2: Click Start Scan Now button to scan over your computer for existing problems and errors.
  • Step3: Click Fix All button to completely fix 5040500.exe error.
File name: 5040500.exe
File vendor: Microsoft
File associated:
File path:
Applied to:
Date analyzed: Recommended: Run a Free Security Scan on 5040500.exe
Latest Country Affected:

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5040500.exe error prevention C How to backup and restore Windows

If you want to prevent 5040500.exe error and other types of Windows error, use the "Backup and Restore Center" of Windows is one of the good way to go. Once you create a backup, if anything server happen to your computer, just go restore it, and your computer will back to the healthy status it was. Don't know how to do it? Well, see the below detailed instruction:

Learn How to Back up Windows Step-by-Step Manual Steps

1. Click Start Menu, open Control Penal, and you'll see the System and Security category. Click the link of "Back Up Your Computer" under this category to start the backup.

2. In the Back up or restore your files window, click the link of "Set up a backup" under the Backup section

3. Now the Windows will start searching for the available driver to store the backup. Select the recommended drive, and the click Next in the bottom. If you can find the desired drive, you can click Refresh until it appear (if you have a online space, you can also choose to "Save on a network", but most of the time, people would like to save the backup on local drive)

4. In the next step, Windows will ask you whether you wan to "Let Windows choose" or "Let me choose". If you chose the first option, Windows will creates two backup types in this operation, which are a system image and a backup of data files in libraries, and it will not backup any file that are bigger than 1GB, please aware of that. Normally we recommend you to select the second option, which is "Let me choose"

5. In the next coming window, you will be asked to select the target folder and file to be backup, once you are done, click Next button to proceed.

6. This step is for you to review the backup items you selected, if you confirm that all the needed things are selected, click the "Save settings and run backup" to start the backup

7. Windows will then start to backup the selected items, you can click the "View Details" button to see the detailed process of the backup.

8. Once the backup completed, you'll see two backup files are created in the drive you selected previously.

Learn How to Back up Windows Step-by-Step Manual Steps

If you want to restore your computer, then go to the Backup and Restore Center, click "Restore my files" button to start.

In this window, you can search the missing or damaged file in the recent backup you created. You can either "Browse for files" or "Browse for folders", for example, if 5040500.exe is the file you want to find, click "Browse for files".

Now you can either choose to restore the file/folder to the original location or click Browse to store it to other location. After you done with the setting, click Restore button and the selected files/folders will be restored in your computer.

How-to Video Guide: How to Back up and Restore Windows (prior to 5040500.exe error fix)

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Other common Windows errors in daily computer usage.

When you are trying to shut down your PC, boost Windows stystem, or launch a program in Windows, you may encounter error messages that are similar to:

  • A fatal exception 5040500.exe has occurred at Stop 0x0000000A.
  • When you are trying to run the Windows update, a problem that occurs.
  • When you are installing or starting a program, Windows Installer starts to configure the setting again and refuse to continue after certain functions failed.

The problems:

Is your computer full of errors, running slower, or frequently crashing? Many of these symptoms can be cause by every day computer use such as downloading file from the internet, installing and uninstalling programs, deleting unwanted files. All these operations can create Windows registry redundancy, and it could corrupt and damage the registry, that is the main reason for many computer problems. If uncontrolled, registry errors could even render your computer useless.

Recommendation: Diagnose your Computer Registry and Fix 5040500.exe Errors Now

How to backup Windows registry

At times you might need to delete the obsolete or invalid entries manually through Windows registry editor to fix the registry corruption problem, before you taking any action, we suggest that you backup the registry first to avoid unexpected system problems.

Backup the registry can be easily done with Registry Editor, you can choose to backup a key or subkey, or the entire registry. You can save the backup file to any location you want in the local computer or even in portable storage device. If anything goes wrong, you can use the import option to restore the registry to previous status. You may refer to the below detailed instruction:

  • Click the Start button Picture at the bottom left of your screen
  • In the search, type in "regedit" and then press Enter (this action would require administrator permission)
  • Navigate the registry branch tree and locate the specific key or subkey that you want to back up.
  • Click File menu and then click Export.
  • If you want to backup the whole registry, click "All" in the "export range" section.
  • Select the location where you want to save the file.
  • Click Save button to create the backup file.

Extra tips - How to use Windows7 Action Center to fix common problems.

It is unavoidable that computer uses may encounter various Windows errors such as rundll32.exe error daily, in Windows7, Microsoft provides us an automated tool to help you pull yourself out of errors, and that is the Action Center in Windows7. Action Center is a place stores many preloaded troubleshooting guides for you to find the solutions to many common computer problems, and Action Center will download the troubleshooters periodicity and automatically through Windows Online Troubleshooting Service to ensure all the information inside is up-to-date, you can visit this center first to troubleshoot the problem yourselves before searching other alternative solutions on the internet.

How to access to Action Center

Go to Start, click Control Penal, and then click the link of System and Security. Now you have enter the Action Center, click the option of "Find and Fix Problems", you'll see the blow window.

(Note: at the bottom of the Action Center window, you'll see the option of "Get the most up-to-date troubleshooters from the Windows Online Troubleshooting service", make sure this option has been selected.)

There are about 20 troubleshooters in Windows7 Action Center to help you dealing with common Windows problems, these troubleshooters are divided into a four major categories. If the problem that your computer are having is listed in one of these category, once you click it, the Troubleshooting Wizard will pop up and guide you through the whole fixing process.

Of course the troubleshooters in Action Center is not that perfect to fix all the problems. For those problem that troubleshooters can't handle, you can click the Next button to check the detailed code of the error, such as "Error 6", then you may search the corresponding solution on the internet.

How-to Video Guide: Fix common Windows errors and problems

Tips on how to speed up your machine

Protect your computer against online threats

There are many kind of online threats that walk among the internet, they hide themselves in many website or download recourse, most of them are harmful to the computer, once your computer is infected by virus, your confidential information is at risk and your system component files will probably be damaged the cause you various system errors. You can download Microsoft Security Essentials to guard your system against threats like viruses, spyware, etc, it is a totally free program and offers effective threats removal tool which would help you to detect and remove infections from your computer.

Free up disk space

You can use the Disk Cleanup tool of Windows to clean up unwanted files and folder in your hard disk to free up more disk space, this could help in booting the disk reading and writing speed and in a certain degree speed up the computer performance. Here is a list of what Disk Cleanup tool is capable of:

  • Empty the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Delete temporary files in the Internet Explorer.
  • Delete system temporary files like error reports.
  • Delete unwanted Windows components.
  • Uninstall applications that you no longer use.
  • Remove unwanted Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets
  • Delete useless restore points or shadow copies from System Restore.

Infected with 5040500.exe virus or malware?

If your computer is infected with 5040500.exe, it is recommended to remove 5040500.exe immediately to prevent further security and privacy compromises.

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