Verily released smart spoon for the disabled

by FixPCDLL Expert on December 6, 2016

It may be a challenge for the disabled to do the same things as normal people do, such as having meals.

Verily, a subordinate company of Google, released Liftware Level which helps the disabled to make balance for their palms or arms in case of the food may spill when they are having meals.


Among the attending guests at the product release press, HDSA and Teva announced to donate 1,000 units of Liftware Level basic suit for the target disabled people. The suit includes balanced spoon handle, soup ladle and its accessories.

Liftware Level is the gems of wisdom by Anupam Pathak, a mechanical engineering doctor. He joined Liftware company after he got financial support from SBIR. Liftware was aiming to help the disabled people to overcome the exercise obstacles. In 2014, Liftware was acquired by Google.

The first product was called Steady to help those patients suffered with hands tremor. While Level is suitable to those who suffered severe problems to do exercise.

Pathak is the chief of technical issue in Verily. He claimed that Level handle can recognize any directions in 3D space. They can edit it to keep horizontality when patients are having meals. They target is to have the Level handle remained at any directions or locations in the future.

Verily regards Level fork and spoon as starting points and will design a series of accessaries to assist this device in the future.

With Level and a series accessories, the disable people with arms can be more independent and do some things beyond your expectation.

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