Microsoft Office 365 is introduced to 10 more markets

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 24, 2016

Microsoft announced today that it added 10 more markets for its Office 365 software, including Bhudan, Cambodia, Greenland, Duadeloupe, Laos,Maldives, Martinique, Mozambique, Myanmar and Vatican. Thus, the markets of Office 365 have been increased to 150 and its supported languages increased to 44.

It has been over 25 years that Microsoft released Office software. Office is still an important business section to Microsoft’s revenue. Office 365 is a typical example that Microsoft successfully turned its traditional software module to subscription module. In Q316, Microsoft obtained 900,000 more subscribers which its subscribers number extended to 24 million. The commercial products and cloud service revenue of Office increased by 5%, while Office 365 received a 51% increase in revenue.

Microsoft estimated that there are over 1.2 billion users using Office software worldwide at the monent. This statistics includes those who use Office series products at home, at work and at schools.

However, Microsoft concerns more about the promotion of Office 365 as it becomes one of profitable business for the company.

In fact, it isn’t an easy job to introduce Office 365 to these 10 new markets. Office team explained that:” With the development of Office markets, we must keep in mind that Office’s diversity. The new market expanding requires use to make more innovation, develop more products based on new languages, new cultures and new market demands. Our team keeps working hard to make safer products with better performance so that we could provide first-class experience for each Office 365 subscribers.”

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