Microsoft accomplished the acquisition of LinkedIn

by FixPCDLL Expert on December 9, 2016

Microsoft announced to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in June. They completed this business transaction on Thursday. Staya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated his integrated plan of development for these two companies.


As expected, Sales Navigator tool will be integrated into CRM of Dynamics. This is the main reason why Microsoft acquired LinkedIn.

This integrated plan makes Salesforce, leader of CRM, worried. Salesforce has been persuading European regulators to stop Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn or set restricted conditions.

Their integrations of other business sections are expected as well. For example, LinkedIn notifying function will be integrated into Windows and LinkedIn identity authentication system will be integrated into Office 365 suit so that more users can view and access LinkedIn information during at work.

Some integrations surprised the public as well. Staya claimed that these two companies will launch enterprise news platform on the basis of MSN and other products and expand the propagation of Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content may attract MSN advertisers to purchase advertising space of LinkedIn as it obtains 100 million visitors per month.

It will also integrated more aspects. For instance, Active Directory and Office 365 will be compatible with Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup and have LinkedIn Learning integrated into Office 365 and Windows ecosystem. It will redefine social marketing by integrating Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365.

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