CNN acquired Beme to establish youth brand

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 29, 2016

Nowadays, more and more younger people access news and entertainment news from networking video instead of wired tv and tv channels. The traditional tv media started transforming. CNN announced it acquired Beme, a video sharing tool for younger people, and will make full use of its co-founders team and talents to create new media business.


It is reported that the co-founders of Beme are two online celebrities on YouTube. They are Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett. When CNN accomplishes this acquisition, it will invest on Beme and establish an independent media brand.

CNN did not reveal its acquired amount. It claimed that it would create media video business based on Beme to aim at younger users.

The existing 11 employees of Beme will join CNN when the acquisition is done. The independent Beme video sharing service will be shut down then. It is said that this service obtained 1 million downloads.

It is obviously that CNN acquired Beme for its video talents. CNN is the first news channel to broadcast news 24 hours in the world. It is one of the most popular news channels that receives excellent audience rating in United States.

Neista has 5.8 million of fans as a popular online celebrity. He revealed to shut down his video blog service early this month to engage a new project.

The chief of Beme team is Hackett. He used to work as technical vice president of Tumblr. CNN implied that this team will be responsible for the technical development of new media brand as well as the development of CNN online video business technology and functions.

CNN released “Great Big Story” to attract young users. It aimed at reporting those unrevealed pieces of news besides 24 hours news service.

The existing Beme employees will continue to work at its current office. CNN stated Neistat still can manage his YouTube account in the future.

Beme once raised $2 million venture investment, investors included LightSpeed,RSE Venture Capital, VaynerMedia and so on.

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