Microsoft accomplished the acquisition of LinkedIn

by FixPCDLL Expert on December 9, 2016

Microsoft announced to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in June. They completed this business transaction on Thursday. Staya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated his integrated plan of development for these two companies.


As expected, Sales Navigator tool will be integrated into CRM of Dynamics. This is the main reason why Microsoft acquired LinkedIn.

This integrated plan makes Salesforce, leader of CRM, worried. Salesforce has been persuading European regulators to stop Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn or set restricted conditions.

Their integrations of other business sections are expected as well. For example, LinkedIn notifying function will be integrated into Windows and LinkedIn identity authentication system will be integrated into Office 365 suit so that more users can view and access LinkedIn information during at work.

Some integrations surprised the public as well. Staya claimed that these two companies will launch enterprise news platform on the basis of MSN and other products and expand the propagation of Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content may attract MSN advertisers to purchase advertising space of LinkedIn as it obtains 100 million visitors per month.

It will also integrated more aspects. For instance, Active Directory and Office 365 will be compatible with Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup and have LinkedIn Learning integrated into Office 365 and Windows ecosystem. It will redefine social marketing by integrating Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365.

Verily released smart spoon for the disabled

by FixPCDLL Expert on December 6, 2016

It may be a challenge for the disabled to do the same things as normal people do, such as having meals.

Verily, a subordinate company of Google, released Liftware Level which helps the disabled to make balance for their palms or arms in case of the food may spill when they are having meals.


Among the attending guests at the product release press, HDSA and Teva announced to donate 1,000 units of Liftware Level basic suit for the target disabled people. The suit includes balanced spoon handle, soup ladle and its accessories.

Liftware Level is the gems of wisdom by Anupam Pathak, a mechanical engineering doctor. He joined Liftware company after he got financial support from SBIR. Liftware was aiming to help the disabled people to overcome the exercise obstacles. In 2014, Liftware was acquired by Google.

The first product was called Steady to help those patients suffered with hands tremor. While Level is suitable to those who suffered severe problems to do exercise.

Pathak is the chief of technical issue in Verily. He claimed that Level handle can recognize any directions in 3D space. They can edit it to keep horizontality when patients are having meals. They target is to have the Level handle remained at any directions or locations in the future.

Verily regards Level fork and spoon as starting points and will design a series of accessaries to assist this device in the future.

With Level and a series accessories, the disable people with arms can be more independent and do some things beyond your expectation.

GoPro streamlines 15% of workforce and disables its entertainment department

by FixPCDLL Expert on December 1, 2016

GoPro, action camera manufacturer, announced today that it would streamline 15% of workforce( about 200 employees) as a part of reorganization plan and disable its entertainment department.


GoPro claimed that this job cut would save $24 million to $33 million for restructuring charges. The cash expenditure accounts for $13 million to $18 million and the non-cash expenditure accounts for about $11 million to $15 million. These expenditures are considered as expending of Q4 earning.

In addition, Tony Bates will resign from GoPro at the end of this year. GoPro also announced the weekly camera sales of Black Friday increased by 35% yoy. The sales from Thanksgiving day to Cyber Monday increased by 33% yoy.

The Black Friday was on November 25 this year, one day after Thanksgiving Day. It meant the Thanksgiving shopping season started. While Cyber Monday was the first workday after Thanksgiving holiday, the first Monday. Cyber Monday is the hottest online shopping day in United States.

Nicholas Woodman, GoPro CEO, claimed that they still have a great deal of work to finish in Q4 and whole fiscal 2016. At present, the demands on GoPro cameras are stable. GoPro is narrowing its business scope and focusing on core products.

The revenue of GoPro in revenue in Q3 declined by 40%, at $ 240.6 million. The net deficiency was $104.1 million while it profited $18.8 million yoy. GoPro predicted that its revenue in Q4 would reach $600 million to $650 million which was under the average predication at $ 666.14 million made by analysts.

CNN acquired Beme to establish youth brand

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 29, 2016

Nowadays, more and more younger people access news and entertainment news from networking video instead of wired tv and tv channels. The traditional tv media started transforming. CNN announced it acquired Beme, a video sharing tool for younger people, and will make full use of its co-founders team and talents to create new media business.


It is reported that the co-founders of Beme are two online celebrities on YouTube. They are Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett. When CNN accomplishes this acquisition, it will invest on Beme and establish an independent media brand.

CNN did not reveal its acquired amount. It claimed that it would create media video business based on Beme to aim at younger users.

The existing 11 employees of Beme will join CNN when the acquisition is done. The independent Beme video sharing service will be shut down then. It is said that this service obtained 1 million downloads.

It is obviously that CNN acquired Beme for its video talents. CNN is the first news channel to broadcast news 24 hours in the world. It is one of the most popular news channels that receives excellent audience rating in United States.

Neista has 5.8 million of fans as a popular online celebrity. He revealed to shut down his video blog service early this month to engage a new project.

The chief of Beme team is Hackett. He used to work as technical vice president of Tumblr. CNN implied that this team will be responsible for the technical development of new media brand as well as the development of CNN online video business technology and functions.

CNN released “Great Big Story” to attract young users. It aimed at reporting those unrevealed pieces of news besides 24 hours news service.

The existing Beme employees will continue to work at its current office. CNN stated Neistat still can manage his YouTube account in the future.

Beme once raised $2 million venture investment, investors included LightSpeed,RSE Venture Capital, VaynerMedia and so on.

Microsoft Office 365 is introduced to 10 more markets

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 24, 2016

Microsoft announced today that it added 10 more markets for its Office 365 software, including Bhudan, Cambodia, Greenland, Duadeloupe, Laos,Maldives, Martinique, Mozambique, Myanmar and Vatican. Thus, the markets of Office 365 have been increased to 150 and its supported languages increased to 44.

It has been over 25 years that Microsoft released Office software. Office is still an important business section to Microsoft’s revenue. Office 365 is a typical example that Microsoft successfully turned its traditional software module to subscription module. In Q316, Microsoft obtained 900,000 more subscribers which its subscribers number extended to 24 million. The commercial products and cloud service revenue of Office increased by 5%, while Office 365 received a 51% increase in revenue.

Microsoft estimated that there are over 1.2 billion users using Office software worldwide at the monent. This statistics includes those who use Office series products at home, at work and at schools.

However, Microsoft concerns more about the promotion of Office 365 as it becomes one of profitable business for the company.

In fact, it isn’t an easy job to introduce Office 365 to these 10 new markets. Office team explained that:” With the development of Office markets, we must keep in mind that Office’s diversity. The new market expanding requires use to make more innovation, develop more products based on new languages, new cultures and new market demands. Our team keeps working hard to make safer products with better performance so that we could provide first-class experience for each Office 365 subscribers.”

Windows 10 Mobile novelty: compatibility of PC software

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 22, 2016

Windows 10 Mobile has been struggling to obtain market share since its release. It did not make any breakthroughs in obtaining more users. One of the main reasons is the lack of applications.

Luckily, with the compatibility of Windows 10 Mobile and PC operating system, the changes will be made soon. If the change comes true, it will help Microsoft to attract more users for Windows 10 Mobile.

It is reported that Windows observer WalkingCat found that one can run x86 software with ARM processor on Windows 10 Mobile by designing CHPE code. C represents “Cobalt”, which is the code of Microsoft launches for x86 stimulation projects. HP represents “Hewlett Packard”, while E is unknown.

Microsoft plans to make upgrade for Redstone 3 in autumn of 2017 on schedule so that Windows 10 Mobile can support the running of x86 software.Continuum will turn Windows Mobile into PC with the connect of external monitor and keyboard.

However, analysts assumed it is not an easy job to experience Windows 10 Mobile as PC. The most important issues are to deal with its performance and battery life. If Microsoft makes breakthrough in such technology, it will be good news to the whole Windows eco-system. With the influence of existing Windows PC market share, it may attract more users to join Windows 10 Mobile.

Japan Display has difficult time and will get financial assistance from government

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 14, 2016

Japan Display, Apple’s important supplier for LCD, is negotiating with its substantial shareholder Innovation Network Corp. of Japan which is a funding company supported by governments. Japan Display has possibility to obtain $ 703 million financial assistance from government then. So far, the negotiation comes to the final past.


According to the confirmed source, INCJ planed to start a new round financing by issuing primary debt. It is said that the investment banks which support Japan Display also consider offering more support of Japan Display.

Though Japanese government hasn’t offered official emergency assistance,Mitsuru Homma, president of Japan Display, claimed on Wednesday that INCJ considered offering financial support to help us to expand business.

Japan Display was the display screen production business made by Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. INCJ integrated these three companies screen production business together in 2012, and established Japan Display. INCJ is still the biggest shareholder of Japan Display,accounting for 35.6%.

Japan Display, the biggest LCD panel publisher, made great performance in its early stage. It cooperated with Apple. Half of its orders were from Apple iPhone. However, the intense competition led to the sales decline of iPhone in past two years and more manufacturers prefer OLED, Japan Display started suffering deficit.

It released the latest quarterly earnings on Wednesday. Japan Display suffered $46 million quarterly deficit by the end of September, with 25% decline in revenue yoy. The fiscal earnings of 2015 it made in May showed that its loss was up to $ 294 million in 2015.

Japan Display hopes to raise more funds by loaning for launching OLED technology. In the meanwhile, it will explore business fields besides smartphone screen.

Facebook teams up with 50 media to live broadcast Election Day

by FixPCDLL Expert on November 8, 2016

To promote Facebook Live, Facebook announced to team up with 50 broadcasting stations, print and online media to live broadcast Election Day. Twitter also explored the live broadcasting service to attract more users. Facebook has no doubt to fall behind its rivals.


It released quarterly earnings last week and assumed its revenue growth would slow down in Q4 as Facebook needed to control ads downloading in case of losing more users. After its release meeting, Facebook share price declined a bit.

It’s reported that each media that teams up with Facebook will have a 15-minute video broadcasting campaign to focus on one of 50 States’ election. The broadcasting video will be added into Election 2016 on Tuesday and tabbed with 50 States.

Though Facebook doesn’t promote any ads during live broadcasting, it can still increase traffic and enhance the reputation of broadcasting location. This action will strike back the competition of Twitter whose users broadcast important events through Tweets.

Being asked whether this live broadcasting is a response to Tweet broadcast, Jason White claimed Facebook Live run well on Facebook platform.

White confessed that Facebook has been seeking for all kinds of possibilities, including embedding ads in future video broadcast. However, Facebook did not make specific plans yet.

6 subordinate radio stations of TEGNA teamed up with Facebook to broadcast Election Day. Facebook won’t pay TEGNA any fee in terms of broadcasting content. Facebook provides a great chance to influence live broadcasting business.

Facebook Live was released last year for public figures. This service was available for all users and allowed them to make live broadcast by smartphone.

Twitter live broadcast NFL this September and was welcomed by the public. It released Periscope last March. Live broadcasting can connect consumers and interact with them. Many companies and media are interested in video broadcast.

New MacBook Pro is out of stock, shipment waiting period extends to 4 weeks

by FixPCDLL Expert on October 31, 2016

Apple New MacBook Pro which was debuted last week was out of stock. All 13-inch model of MacBook Pro were sold out within 12 hours after release. The estimated time of shipment extends to 4 or 5 weeks later.


Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the theme of Hello Again release opened on 11 am PT on last Thursday.New MacBook Pro was on the list of Apple online stores a few minutes then.

“13-inch MacBook Pros without Touch Bar for starters have been delivered on October 28, the estimated time of shipment for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID will be in 2 or 3 weeks,” said Phil Schiller, vice president of global marketing.

MacBook Pro models for 13-inch and 15-inch with Touch Bar were sold out after 6 hours since its release. However, there is still a great market demand on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. So far, the estimated time of shipment for Silver Grey and Space Grey for 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has been extended to 3 or 4 weeks. While the estimated time of shipment for 13-inch MacBook Pro has been extended to 4 or 5 weeks.

Besides, dynamical and configurable Touch Bar, the high-end MacBook Pro is also equipped with Touch ID and 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. Among its models, 15-inch high-end model is equipped with AMD descrete graphics. All new models are equipped with a large-sized Force Touch trackpad,high resolution display and coral 2 mechanical lock.

The shipment date for 13-inch model without Touch Bar seems stable. It is available to consumers at most of App Stores.

Snap is about to IPO for $ 4 billion next year

by FixPCDLL Expert on October 27, 2016

Bloomberg reported that read after burning app Snapchat parent company Snap is about to IPO for $ 4 billion next year.

It was reported previously Snap planned to issue IPO with the company assessment at $ 25 billion. However, Bloomberg reported that its value of assessment may be increased up to $ 35 billion to $ 40 billion.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will be major participants of Snap IPO events. JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Allen&Co., Barclays Bank and Credit Suisse will also take part in this IPO.

The recent round of financing of Snap was in May, 2016. It obtained $ 1.81 billion and its value of assessment was between $18 billion and $22 billion.

The target $ 4 billion financing of IPO is far away from Facebook’s IPO in 2012. Facebook aimed at obtaining $ 16 billion financing then. However, Snap IPO target is higher than Twitter’s IPO for $ 1.81 billion in 2013.

Snap told its investors that the prediction of advertising revenue will be $ 250 million to $350 million this year. eMarketer assumed its revenue of 2017 will be closed to $ 1 billion.

By contrast, the market value of Facebook IPO was $ 104 billion, and its advertising revenue was $ 5 billion then.

Snap can submit S-1 file to SEC based on the JOBS Act if its annual revenue is under $ 1 billion. In this case, the documents that it submit can be confidential in the beginning.